19729 E San Tan Bvld
Approximately a half mile between Sossaman and Hawes on the south side.

Directions: click here for a map

For a printed version of this schedule, Click here as of 6/25/2017

LAST UPDATED - 6/25/2017


8:00am AA Sunday Morning Reflections  O  Room 1
9:30am AA Mens Shade Tree Meeting  M  O  Room 1
9:30am AA Attitude of gratitude (Women)  W  O  Room 2
5:00pm Rocked Bottom CA   D  O  Room 1
7:00pm AA Queen Creek Big Book  SS  O  Room 1
7:00pm HA Heroin Anonymous  O  Room 2


8:00am AA Monday Morning Matters  O  Room 1
12:00pm AA Queen Creek Nooners  O  TR  Room 1
5:30pm AA A Vision For You, Too  0  N  Room 1
7:30pm AA Remember When Group  O  BS  Room 1
7:30pm Al-Anon QC Hope and Peace  O  BS  Room 2


8:00am AA Terrific Tuesdays  O  Room 1
12:00pm AA Queen Creek Nooners  O  T  BB  Room 1
5:30pm AA 12 X 12 at 5:30  O  T  Room 1
5:30pm CA Rocked Bottom  D  S  O  Room 2
7:00pm AA San Tan Group  BB  O (Last Tue of mo. Speaker) Room 1
8:00pm SA SA C Room 2


8:00am AA Wednesday Wake-up!  O  Room 1
12:00pm AA Queen Creek Nooners  O  T  Room 1
12:00pm Al-Anon Wednesday Wellness  O  Room 2
5:30pm AA A Vision For You, Too   O  N  Room 1
7:00pm NA NA Fix  D  S  O  Room 1
7:00pm SAA San Tan SAA   C  Men/Women, Newcomers welcome, Green Book study and check-in Room 2


8:00am AA Living Sober  O  Step 2  Room 1
12:00pm AA Queen Creek Nooners  O  D  Room 1
5:00pm AA Round Robin  O  D  Room 1
6:30pm AA Who's Driving Your Bus?  T  O  Room 1
6:30pm Al-Anon QC Hople and Peace  O  Literature Meeting Room 2


8:00am AA 11th step meeting  O  D  Room 1
12:00pm AA Queen Creek Nooners  O  D  Room 1
5:30pm AA Coper Basin Group  O  Room 1
7:00pm CA Rocked Bottom  O  Candlelight  Room 1
7:00pm AA Primary Purpose  O  BB  Room 2


8:00am AA As Bill Sees It  O  Room 1
10:00am AA Inwardly Reorganized  O  Room 1
10:00am Al-Anon Back To Basics AFG  O  Room 0
7:00pm AA Saturday Nite Speaker Meeting  O  Room 1

Saturday Night Speaker Meeting:

  • 1st Saturday - AA Speaker
  • 2nd Saturday - AA/Al-Anon Speaker
  • 3rd Saturday - Speaker/Potluck (6:00pm)
  • 4th Saturday - Birthday Meeting

Abbreviation Key:

  • BB - Big Book
  • BS - Baby Sitting
  • C - Closed
  • D - Topic/Discussion
  • M - Men
  • N - Newcomer/Beginner Meeting
  • O - Open (non AA's may attend)
  • S - Speaker
  • SS - Step Study
  • T - 12X12
  • TR - Traditions
  • W - Women